let’s stick together – bryan ferry

I’ve started mapping out April’s NaNoCamp novel. So far, it’s set in the same world as dreich NOiR and I have a list of characters, which I’m adding attributes to as they unveil themselves to me. (and I’m still adding to that list, as of this morning!)
They say, you should always build from the characters up and that’s a model that’s always worked for me.
I’m also recycling one or two characters from earlier works. Since I already have a bit of their background, it gives me a bit more skeleton to hang other characters (and plot) on.
Through no fault of my own, I attended an ice hockey match recently. Interested parties might like to check my twitter feed from the evening of 25 i 14. I imagine this will feed into this as yet untitled novel in some way, shape or form.
The rules of ice hockey are simple: a dozen padded maniacs, half in one costume, half in another, beat the living shit out of each other. The audience, dressed either one way or the other, cheer and laugh when someone dressed like them hurts someone dressed differently. Conversely, when someone dressed in the other colours kills or maims someone in the same colour scheme as yourself, the idea is to take great umbrage at this.
Basically, apart from the overcooked veggie-burger that gets flailed around in the melee, it’s a string of hate-crimes – with applause.
Sort of like the rape scene from ‘The accused’, except with more people cheering.


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