dead end street – the kinks

There seems to be a massive effort among those who believe themselves to be in charge to destroy everything that originally made the masturbation superhighway interesting around twenty years ago. Remember the early nineties? When the world wide web was fresh and exciting and nut-cases pointed webcams at their worm ranches and invited the world to watch? When people still posted white pages with blue links to their favourite Nine Inch Nails or Kraftwerk bootlegs?
Then, within about five years, the web became the domain of businesses – a pornocracy where suits whored their commerce to the exclusion of everything else.
And so, surprise surprise, the internet continues its inexorable drift into greater and greater monotony. More and more adverts. It’s as if the powers that be have no experience of the downside of commerce. 4OD already runs clunkily enough, but the programmes are interrupted by adverts, too. If I didn’t have a remote control that let me mute all this telly selly time, I probably wouldn’t even bother watching any of their output. When I put on this week’s ‘Benefits Street’, I do so to experience compassion for the subjects and disbelief that others could consider hating such vulnerable people, not to experience the 2014 equivalent of spam e-mails offering A BIGGER PENIS NOW!!! and THE YOUNGEST BITCHES EVER SEEN ON THE NET!!!


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