baby milk snatcher – a.r. kane (an open letter to prime monster david cameron)

I just heard this morning that some maniacs somewhere have decided that the August bank holiday is to be rebranded as Margaret Thatcher day. This is easily the best news I’ve had since given up smoking. And about as much fun.
Considering  multiple rapist Jimmy Saville spent eleven Christmases at Chequers with that nice Mrs Thatcher, this should be commemorated the way the Iron Lady would have wanted. That said, ‘gang rape’ has had a pretty bad name in the left-wing press, so perhaps ‘democracy in action’ would be a nicer way of putting it.
What about a trip to a former mining community, Mr Cameron? I’m personally going to The Old Goth on Cowdenbeath High Street, which is populated almost entirely by former miners. There, I plan to let them re-experience the magic of thirty years ago by beating the shit out of them with truncheons and then taking everything they have in their pockets
Later, I plan to desecrate Nelson Mandela’s grave while my children attempt to overthrow a democratically-elected government or two.
In the evening, let’s come together to commemorate clause 28 – which uses the same wording as Uganda’s anti-gay life imprisonment law – with one of those traditional candlelit queer-bashings.

here’s the petition to consign this ridiculous notion to the dustbin of history:

And, if this crap IS actually imposed on us from above, who’s with me in celebrating it as Myra Hindley day? After all, compared to Thatcher’s body count, she’s like Florence Nightingale AND she always tidied up after herself instead of simply leaving them scattered all over the Falklands.


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