no pity – 999

I’ve watched three episodes of Channel Four’s ‘Benefits Street’ now and I’m still nonplussed how anyone can feel anything but compassion for these individuals. Over the years, i’ve watched sit-coms getting crueler and less funny (stand up, Ricky Gervaise) and during the same era, the rise of the poke-fun-umentary. Booze Britain, Britain’s toughest boozers, Arseholes […]

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dead end street – the kinks

There seems to be a massive effort among those who believe themselves to be in charge to destroy everything that originally made the masturbation superhighway interesting around twenty years ago. Remember the early nineties? When the world wide web was fresh and exciting and nut-cases pointed webcams at their worm ranches and invited the world […]

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breathe – pink floyd

By the time you read this, I’ll have been off the fags a week. Or perished in the attempt. DAY ONE: No urge-to-smoke on waking. Didn’t even bother using the e-cig until i’d been up almost four hours. After finally using it, wrote scathing, sarcastic attack on the rebranding of the August bank holiday as […]

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baby milk snatcher – a.r. kane (an open letter to prime monster david cameron)

I just heard this morning that some maniacs somewhere have decided that the August bank holiday is to be rebranded as Margaret Thatcher day. This is easily the best news I’ve had since given up smoking. And about as much fun. Considering  multiple rapist Jimmy Saville spent eleven Christmases at Chequers with that nice Mrs […]

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in the greylight – virgin prunes

I contacted a couple of artists last night about covers for ‘1919’, ‘the C-word’ and ‘person-hair’. Then, to stop myself being bored, I exported the whole of ‘dreich NOiR’ from WordPress and started ripping out all the extraneous characters. I also watched ‘benefits street’ on 4OD, since people were still arguing about it on Twitter […]

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compulsion – test dept

Friday saw the first intense play of this year. I still feel new year hasn’t really been celebrated until there’s been a whole day of pain, terror and bloodshed – just ask Tony Blair. Or the population of Afghanistan. It wasn’t great forward planning – She-Who-Reckons-She-Ought-to-be-Obeyed was driving home the following day and I had […]

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