eating jello with a heated fork – the deviants

What a bizarre and monstrous year. 2013 saw the ends of Mick Farren, Lou Reed and Colin Wilson, the last of these completely swamped by the death of Nelson Mandela a few hours earlier.
A year in which the present administration showed just how evil and antithetical to life on earth they could be. Iain Duncan Smith went about as far from weeping at the poverty of others – when in opposition – as it’s possible to get.
We’ve seen the Arctic Thirty accused of piracy and hooliganism, although it was nice when they were amnestied – and so were Pussy Riot.
There’s been some pretty good albums this year, too. Pharmakon’s ‘Abandon’, Nik Turner’s ‘Space gypsy’, Poltergeist’s ‘Your mind is a box (let us fill it with wonder)’, Syzergy’s ‘The legend of goody Cole’, NTT’s ‘Your suffering will be legendary’…
So there’s hope. Next year, Scotland votes on whether to remain the bitch of the nation that gave us Nigel Farage and all those cunts off the x factor, or whether to operate as an independent people in Europe – and we’ve got the foreplay to the the election campaigns for the tories, the ukip and the so-called labour party.
My new year’s resolutions, you ask? Firstly, no more soft drugs – in 2014, it has to be class A or not at all. And ‘1919 (outside)’ will finally be published. And that’s a promise – or my name’s not David Cameron.


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