bad baby – public image limited

I’m writing this on December sixteenth. I just saw a tweet about ‘baby banks’ and I’m shocked, stunned and angry. We’re all used to this government by now. Slashing jobs and expanding poverty to make their own money seem much more worthwhile. We all know about the explosion of food banks. If you’re anything like me, you were shocked and shrugged and got on with it. Tried to forget about just how poor we’re going to be once the retirement age is abolished and we’re expected to work til we drop. Tried not to imagine what our Etonian overlords will do with us once we get too old and too slow and worn out.
The rise of food banks has really divided the country, hasn’t it? Some of us are happy to fiddle while more and more of the population become reliant on charity to subsidise their shitty wages. Some of us are really fucking angry and starting to join up the dots and see a clearer picture of what our class enemies have in store for us if we let them. And finally, some of us are not going to survive without handouts.
The conservatives always get rid of as many jobs as they can in order to drive wages down and maximise their own (and their friends’) profits. They also always vilify those they’ve thrown on the scrapheap – as if anyone would ever choose poverty – or depression – or addiction. With food banks, it’s almost easier to blame the selfish victims of Tory economics – but fucking baby banks? How can even Iain Duncan Smith blame poverty on newborns? But yeah, it’ll probably turn out to be the parents’ fault, innit?
During the Thatcher years, people started to look on Edward Heath as a moderate, a voice of reason in an increasingly anti-personnel conservative government, hell bent on crushing all opposition – real or imaginary. I think we’re still pretty far from regarding the Thatcherbutcher as some sort of voice of reason, but this lot seem hell-bent on being a hundred times more unreasonable than her not inconsiderable nightmares.
A species that doesn’t protect its young is destined for the history books. Stuffed in a museum.
Fucking baby banks.


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