january – pilot

it’s too easy to let things pile up, isn’t it? Life can get on top of you and it all seems too much – there seems to be no edge one can get one’s fingernails into and we end up steamrolled by something that appears massive like a shark. When, in actual fact, problems, hassles and other difficulties are generally made up of lots and lots of tiny fragments, most of which are quickly – and easily – defeatable.
It’s perspective that hamstrings us, insisting that what we’re about to fight is a shark, when it’s only a hundredweight of tiny goldfish.
Funny. Here we are again, the  downswing of another year. It’s getting on for that time when the thoughts of a young man (or even an elderly gentleman like myself) turn to thoughts of new year’s resolutions.
I’ve been reading up on altering habits for the last week or two and 2014 might well be the year I divest myself of a few. I have a wee list of the ones that piss me off the most and come next month, I fancy skinning one or two alive as an example to the others.
So, for the duration of December, I’m practicing living according to my resolutions; a couple more weeks and I’ll have it down pat.


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