fear is a man’s best friend – john cale

It looks like, the closer we get to this referendum on Scottish independence, the more bizarre the threats and promises trotted out by the ‘better together’ lot. Only today, I heard that all the major supermarket chains are threatening that prices will be higher in an independent Scottish state. Of course. Supermarkets will allow themselves to be undercut by the same small shops they were created to destroy. That makes perfect economic sense, doesn’t it?
And, if we’re forced to buy fresh produce from local farms – why, that means Scotland won’t be contributing as much to the destruction of the planet through carbon promiscuity!
We only have about nine months to go before we get to decide. So 2014 will be, to a great extent, the year of ludicrous threats from the British state. Nigel Fromage, bleating about Scotland not being able to afford traditional racism and being forced to rely on inferior foreign racism, bought in from eastern Europe. George Osborne, threatening to redirect all the UK’s poverty south-of-the-border.
Of course, all this won’t stop after the referendum. On the contrary, these attacks will get filthier over the coming year. In twelve months’ time, you can expect dire warnings on everything from fillings to sagging breasts if enough people dared to vote yes. So, for the people who do vote ‘no’ in September, next Christmas will be a very scary time indeed. As is only right and proper.


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