ultraviolence – metal urbain

I’m abroad. In deepest, darkest East Ayrshire, where the natives couldn’t care a whit nor a fig for my bibles OR my syphilis-encrusted blankets. I’ve had a long lie and spent today writing, soundtracked by the ‘Yol’ soundtrack, Be-bop deluxe and the Fall. Having just finished another novel (okay, the first draft of a novel!) The emphasis this week is on rnr, long lies, early nights, music movies and ultraviolence.
I arrived last night and immediately went for a curry before returning home to watch most of ‘LA confidential’ and crashing out. This is post-novel burnout and it’s actually not too bad.
Today’s writing has mostly been for my new Scat’s Excretainment’ blog which is coming quite easily (for now). I started with a few fuzzy ideas which kind of joined up and thus far, writing it has been a pleasure.
All I need now is a committed dose of endorphins to clear away those brain-cobwebs. A savage beating would do nicely, thanks.


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