fuck you – alberto y los trios paranoias

Good day to you. I’ve started a new ‘blog’. This has been bubbling up for a while; I’ve developed a running gag (over on twitter) about modern toilet facilities and my relationship with these. it struck me that it’s about time I weaponised this and used it for antipersonnel fun and games.
It certainly has sufficient comedy-legs to go somewhere and ideally, somewhere interesting. In the run-up to next year’s referendum on Scottish independence, it’s important that the widest array possible of Scottish voices is heard. Not just the political, or the emotional, but the downright dangerously insane, too.
which is where I come in. http://scatsexcretainment.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/what-the-fuck-is-this/
And, as ever, if you enjoy it, if it makes you smile or even if it just cures your sagging breasts and fallen arches, please communicate this to your loved ones, your barely tolerated ones and those you’ve long since forgotten on the various social networking sites you all inhabit.


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