eating jello with a heated fork – the deviants

What a bizarre and monstrous year. 2013 saw the ends of Mick Farren, Lou Reed and Colin Wilson, the last of these completely swamped by the death of Nelson Mandela a few hours earlier. A year in which the present administration showed just how evil and antithetical to life on earth they could be. Iain […]

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your without sound – clock dva

I left my rucksack in a taxi last Saturday. Second, third maybe, time – in my life – I haven’t memorised the taxi number in case of this sort of thing. There’s about twenty CDs in the rucksack, including John Cale’s ‘The island years’ which I haven’t played yet and disks three-to-six of Miles Davis’ […]

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goldfinger – magazine

I’ve just finished Ian Fleming’s ‘Dr No’. I last read the Bond books when I was at primary school, (which I left in 1973) so they’re pretty much fresh to me now. I’m rereading them in order is time, so this is the six in the series and the best I’ve read so far. The […]

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bad baby – public image limited

I’m writing this on December sixteenth. I just saw a tweet about ‘baby banks’ and I’m shocked, stunned and angry. We’re all used to this government by now. Slashing jobs and expanding poverty to make their own money seem much more worthwhile. We all know about the explosion of food banks. If you’re anything like […]

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january – pilot

it’s too easy to let things pile up, isn’t it? Life can get on top of you and it all seems too much – there seems to be no edge one can get one’s fingernails into and we end up steamrolled by something that appears massive like a shark. When, in actual fact, problems, hassles […]

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repetition – the fall

I’ve been thinking a lot about the aging process recently. When I was in my late teens, i read Yukio Mishima’s ‘Seas of fertility’ quartet and, a few years later, read Iain Banks’ ‘The wasp factory’. The former, in particular is an appreciably different proposition at eighteen to the same book viewed after a further […]

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fear is a man’s best friend – john cale

It looks like, the closer we get to this referendum on Scottish independence, the more bizarre the threats and promises trotted out by the ‘better together’ lot. Only today, I heard that all the major supermarket chains are threatening that prices will be higher in an independent Scottish state. Of course. Supermarkets will allow themselves […]

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isn’t it grand, boys . The clancy brothers (with tommy makem)

The death of Nelson Mandela, whilst sad, is also a fantastic opportunity for racist politicians the world over to whine endlessly about what a diamond geezer he was and how much he inspired them. I haven’t yet seen David Cameron’s crocodile tears and can’t imagine any response more appropriate than puking over my own shoes. […]

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ultraviolence – metal urbain

I’m abroad. In deepest, darkest East Ayrshire, where the natives couldn’t care a whit nor a fig for my bibles OR my syphilis-encrusted blankets. I’ve had a long lie and spent today writing, soundtracked by the ‘Yol’ soundtrack, Be-bop deluxe and the Fall. Having just finished another novel (okay, the first draft of a novel!) […]

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fuck you – alberto y los trios paranoias

Good day to you. I’ve started a new ‘blog’. This has been bubbling up for a while; I’ve developed a running gag (over on twitter) about modern toilet facilities and my relationship with these. it struck me that it’s about time I weaponised this and used it for antipersonnel fun and games. It certainly has […]

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