That’s it finished. Another year of NaNo under my belt and another novel first-drafted.
I’m so glad it’s over, too. Much as I enjoy the adrenaline, the sheer up-against-it-ness of my month in a parallel universe, I’m looking forward to coming back to earth and catching up on all that sleep, food and personal hygiene I’ve been cutting corners with for so long.
Feels great (so far) being finished. I haven’t yet hit that yawning pit of darkness when my soul realises that all the reasons for getting out of bed are now no more. I’m expecting that over the next few days, though.
Next up: I’m working on an idea for another fictional blog, based loosely on a running gag that I tweet about occasionally.
Oh yeah. And I’m going to spend some time with She-Who-Reckons-i’d-be-as-well-Obeying-Her.