second honeymoon – deaf school

I’m well over forty thousand words now, hurtling downhill, using my face and balls as brakes. This novel’s really coming together now (it’s a plus, when you can see yourself fixing what’s wrong with this draft in the next one, right?)
Instead of writing profiles for my characters, this time I downloaded photographs and I’ve used them. I know what each of these looks like, which is carrying me just now – also, it’s hard to remember where the convicted murderers end and the politicians begin!
This was just a way of keeping the experience fresh for me. If I ever got bored – or found myself writing the same book twice, I’d probably give up.
Everything I write has to be a first for me. Has to be a brand-new challenge. Much as I love the adrenaline rush of crashing towards a deadline, it’s got to be more than just a sequel.
Which is odd, because I’ve always found that, when I’m roughly three-quarters of the way through a first draft, I start coming up with ideas that don’t quite fit what I’m writing. I used to file them and somewhere in the back of my head, start planning the sequel.
Which I’ve never written. Even back-in-the-day when I used to arrange all the cutting-room floor ideas into a narrative, I never sat down and wrote a single sequel.
I believe this conservation of ideas has more to do with clinginess towards characters and less to do with great (or even average) literature.


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