where’s captain kirk? – spizz energi

I’m writing this on the train to the liverpool festival of psychedelia. I’ve taken a couple of days out of my life to attend a festival – probably the first time I’ve done such a thing in three decades – the last time was Futurama V in Leeds – thirty years ago this very month.
I’ve was never a great festival-goer. I attended Futurama one, two and five, that’s about it, I think.
Two days – once a year – in a massive hall described as ‘two aircraft hangers welded together’.
Bands I saw there included, Public Image Ltd, Joy Division, Spizz Energi, Clock Dva, Cabaret Voltaire, Altered Images, Soft Cell, Poison Girls, Killing Joke, Southern Death Cult – ach, the list goes on and on. I’m just dredging these up now.
The only other festivals I’ve ever attended have been Scotland’s noise events, Kill Your Timid Notion, Subcurrent and Instal.
There, I’ve seen Acid Mothers Temple, Ruins, Prurient, Hojikaidan, Jazzkammer, well, you get the picture…
The Liverpool psychefest boasts Moon Duo, Mugstar and Eat Lights, Become Lights, the only three I already like and all the reasons I have for attending.
Apart from seeing an old mate from Merseyside, whom I haven’t seen in almost a year and another I haven’t seen in about four.



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