no sacrifice – nocturnal emissions

I’ve been rickety all week. Struck down with the gentleman-flu – the galloping gentleman-flu. I have generated mucous from my face-holes, low-or-no energy and savaged concentration. That said, writing up my daily journal this morning (I didn’t, right over the days-of-sickness) I found myself drawing on memories from saturday morning as if I was squeezing […]

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laughing song – the residents

That’s me finished the 3rd draft of ‘the c-word’. I’ve probably more-or-less doubled the length of the thing, so it’ll be around fifteen, twenty pages (probably) once I type in all the additions I’ve made. That’s it taken a sort of shape. There’s still polishing to be done, but I’m happy with what it looks […]

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wax dolls – fischer z

I bit the bullet last week and started on the skeleton of ‘the c-word’. Character will always grow out of plot, while plot almost never begets character. So I started with a loose outline, made a list of characters and fleshed them out. Just a few broad strokes – one character’s irritating laugh, another’s obsession […]

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close to the edge – yes

One thing about belonging to someone whose favourite noises are made by Journey and Runrig is my growing acceptance of prog rock. Ok, I’ll put my hand up for (freaks era) Hawkwind, and Yes’ ‘close to the edge’, but Genesis? Nah. Pretty much everything else Yes imposed on the world? No thanks. However, the last […]

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