the prisoner – the clash

Now that the dust has settled, it’s probably time to describe my research project in full. I put myself in the hands of A Trusted Other and lived for a week as her 24/7 slave. I was blindfolded and driven to an undisclosed location in southern scotland, where there was no phone coverage, no internet and no television. I was, effectively, cut off from the world and the twenty-first century, with no idea where I was – or how to get back.
Of course, outside of popular fiction, someone in my situation isn’t merely kept naked and caged, used for their owner’s sexual requirements. No, in the real world, I was obliged to wash her car, dye her hair, put on her make-up – as well as all the cooking and cleaning.
Mind you, there was bondage. We used the week to test-drive a set of wrist ‘n’ ankle cuffs I’d picked up from floggermeister. Made from repurposed fire hose, they were strong enough to prevent me escaping at those points where the chastisements started to exceed where I thought my limits were.
It’s not all chains ‘n’ canes, though. It’s more about the both of us ceasing to see myself as an individual. And redefining me as a piece of property.
I’ve spent seven days without any human rights whatsoever and it was great!

Read it, weep, whatever…

now, why not read the novel that started it all? 1919 (inside)

It’ll be our secret – mum and dad need never know!

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