heat – soft cell

This heat’s killing me. I’m just not designed for it. I’m permanently floored, like a hangover with neither beginning nor end. Each day, I exceed my brain’s maximum operating temperature and each night, I’m wiped out. I have no energy, all I want to do is blob out. If I wasn’t working just now, I […]

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cop – swans

This is one of the greatest sixteen rpm, bludgeoning ab-metal albums ever made. A lugubrious cry for help against a stupid, unintelligible universe. The sound itself is deep, leaden, like being eaten alive by sabre-tooth cancer. The vocals blend rage and despair, tiny melodic highlights sparkle like scattered teeth after a discussion on religious freedom. […]

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the prisoner – the clash

Now that the dust has settled, it’s probably time to describe my research project in full. I put myself in the hands of A Trusted Other and lived for a week as her 24/7 slave. I was blindfolded and driven to an undisclosed location in southern scotland, where there was no phone coverage, no internet […]

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puppet life – punishment of luxury

I’m at that stage now with coalface where I feel like the puppet master – my wee creations are flitting about, doing my bidding (for the most part!) and the plot is progressing reasonably smoothly. Ok, this never lasts, but for now, I’m enjoying the experience of watching the in-skull movie unfold. This weather’s killing […]

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lost again – yello

The experiment is over. I’m back home as of this afternoon. I’m exhausted, sore all over and toasted by the sun, but delighted to have had the opportunity to be dragged out of my comfort zone. And, most importantly, being separated from phone coverage, the internet and television for a week, I was able to […]

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