spider – they might be giants

I have enough of the basic idea of the plot of ‘Coal Face’ now. Now that I’m starting to pull the central thread out of my arse like a large spider, it’s time to weave in the sub-plots – racism, sectarianism and sexual tension. This will probably turn out to be the great scottish novel on some level!
In other news, I’m packing (in a sort of piecemeal fashion) for my research trip. Paper, pens, PDA. Travelly music, going-to-sleep music, writing music. Perhaps I’m not alone is seeing a sort of pattern emerge here.
I will probably take clothes for the ‘public transport’ phases of my journey although I haven’t yet had any coherent answer to my questions about whether protective clothing is to be supplied for the duration of my stay.
I’m sure I read on the blog of someone who did this trip a year or two back, that there’s little or no signal, but which network (or networks) this affects, I cannot establish.
There’s a good chance this blog will be paused from when I leave until I get back.

Coal Face – sign up now – http://dreichcoalface.wordpress.com/


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