mamma mia – abba

Continuing on from yesterday, isn’t it about time the Neurovision ‘song’ Contest was replaced by a war crimes tribunal? First on the block: those two bitches from abba for their heinous crimes against gentlemanity. Next up, the other two bastards – for gender treason.
After that, once public opinion is on our side, we can have boy bands, burned like witches on every street corner. Dominant women and male submissives, bulldozed into gaping mass graves.
As any fascist, nazi or sunken forehead will tell you, it’s important to have a snappy term of abuse for the object of one’s loathing. Therefore, I should like to suggest referring to women from now on as ‘adeles’. (Collective noun: a ‘mamma mia’ of adeles.) Peter Sutcliffe, the so-called ‘yorkshire ripper’ should be given a full pardon and awarded some sort of medal for his selfless work in attempting to stem the rising tide.
And Margaret Thatcher’s remains, dragged from the pit where they’re presently festering and dragged around the streets, the way mussolini’s were treated in more enlightened times.
See? I just knew you’d see it my way.


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