you don’t have to say please – whitehouse

I took last weekend off for a spot of rnr. Two whole days out of coalFace, back to thinking with my own skull for a change.
And during that time, I was exposed to the sheer unbridled horror that is ‘mamma mia’, one of the worst, most concentrated outpourings of evil I have ever undergone.
The plot was non-existent. Watching the opening credits, I could see pretty much who was going to end up where by the next time there were credits.
This abomination, with its wasted cast, sums up everything I despise about musicals*. In fact, the very fact that funding was available to convert this from some sicko’s dream into a real, tangible drop-it-on-your-foot box of DVDs, is living proof that women being given the vote wasn’t automatically a good thing.
When you factor in the horror that is adele, then maybe the tories/ukip/edl/bnp have the right idea – except the target shouldn’t be foreigners and homosexuals. No, if we as a culture need to hate part of ourselves, why can’t we make it women?

(*apart from the blues brothers, breaking glass, velvet goldmine, eight women and the great rock ‘n’ roll swindle)


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