I’ve started writing it – at last! All this planning, the drawings and the dossiers. The trying-to-remember places I’ve lived, worked and drank. Suddenly, it feels worthwhile, that I’m not just making lists and headwanking.
I’ve set up a new blog alongside the old dreich NOiR one. Set up alerts to facebook and twitter each time a post is published.
And, I’ve scheduled the first couple of episodes. So that’s it. It’s up and running. All the tricks I’ve picked up, writng ‘1919’ and ‘dreich NOiR, everything funnelled back into this.
It’s not going to start with a bang – this one’ll be a slow fuse, hopefully building to a repulsive and shuddering climax – like a yeti taking a dump on a landmine.

now, why not read the novel that started it all? 1919 (inside)


It’ll be our secret – mum and dad need never know!