the road to the room – richard strange

I’ve started drawing out the floor-plans for the places in ‘coalface’. So far, it’s only my mmc’s flat (my old place in lochend) and his work (somewhere I used to work – never mind where!)
The funny this is, sitting in costa’s, pad and coloured pens all round me, I tried to sketch the flat from memory; which rooms were next to each other, where the windows were, which way the doors opened and so on. I’d pretty much finished and was dotting furniture around the place, working out where he’d keep his porn (it’s the bedside table) when I realised I’d missed out the kitchen!
So, back to the drawing board! I wonder how I forgot that? I remembered where the kitchen was when I was drawing his place of work, but never even noticed when working on this. Mind you, I didny move there because I was hungry! (I noticed the living room seemed a bit big!)
That’s a bit like Ian Fleming forgetting that James Bond had arms, isn’t it?
Anyway, it’s all better now. His place of work was more straightforward – oddly, as it has a lot more rooms.
I’ve been putting this bit off all week. Assuming it would be a big hassle. However once I got going, the memories came flooding back – the pictures on the walls, the frames of the mirrors dotted around the place.
I haven’t dome the pub yet. It’s taken me this long to figure out which pub I want to use and I’m planning to visit it during my upcoming research trip to take a few photos.
That’s what a proper writer would do!


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