I’m starting to get excited about my upcoming research week. I mean really excited. ‘Brief-yet-spirited happy-dance’ excited.
Of course, sod’s law being what it is, it’s going to clash with the start of ‘coalface’ (to give transgressionata its’ sunday-best name) but what the hell? That’s why the good lord gave us scheduling functions on blogging sites.
So yeah, I’m going to be hard at it and deep in it for a week-and-a-half (if you include preparation, recovery and traveling time). And it’s going to be great!
I’ll be taking copious notes (I hope) but I haven’t decided whether to share my thoughts and feelings on this blog during that time. My thinking just now is that the whole thing’ll be too subjective for me to get sufficient distance to communicate anything coherent while it’s in full effect.
It’s like relationships. The only ones we’ll ever understand are those we’ve been in and are now out of. While we’re going through the process, we’re too close to be objective about them – and understanding anyone else’s? Forget about it!