little green bag – the george baker selection

Tarrentino’s a master storyteller. Every time he comes up with a new film, I end up going back over his career, looking at the development.
Remember the first time you sat through ‘Reservoir dogs’? And I hope, like me, you saw it in a darkened cinema and not bunched up on a couch with a roomful of chattering imbeciles, like people who claim they’ve seem it and failed to enjoy it.
Socialist Worker was particularly scathing in their review of it. Too much racist dialogue, they bleated, as if hard-as-fucking-nails (white) guys who’d done time in american jails would be particularly politically correct.
I suppose the level of racism in ‘django unchained’ has started me thinking about all that again.
Part of Tarrentino’s magic is taking an uncool attitude and using it as a negative character trait. (Walton Goggins played a racist southern cop in seven series’ of ‘the shield’, for fuck’s sake. How big a clue did anyone need?)
Similarly, John Travolta’s relationship with heroin in ‘pulp fiction’ was an inspired juxtaposition with how disciplined he and Samuel L Jackson were, getting the case back from flock of seagulls and his friends.
Still, leaving Tarrentino’s characterisation to one side, his plotting is always a joy.
To us film-nerds, a new tarrentino movie is always months of pulling apart the shots, spotting the references to all the other films he’s absorbed on his way to here. (I’ve spotted nods to ‘butch cassidy and the sundance kid’ as well as Peckinpah’s ‘the wild bunch’, already.)
Tarrentino’s a couple of years younger than me, so back in the seventies, we sat through a lot of the same movies.
‘Django unchained’ is a fantastic feel-good movie, one that I’m going to sit through several more times.
Apparently his next project is to be called ‘faster pussycat, kill! kill!’ – no relation to the Russ Meyer picture John Waters once called ‘the greatest film ever made’, but you know what? I’m absolutely gagging to see it.

now, why not read the novel that started it all? 1919 (inside)

Guaranteed – absolutely NO traces of horse DNA anywhere in this novel. And that’s the truth – or my name’s not David Cameron.


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