catholic day – adam and the ants

I had a couple of problems with liquid story binder earlier, so I decided to have a crack at scrivener. I’ve certainly been putting it off long enough.
I’ve never really got to grips with scrivener the way I have with liquid story binder. As I said the other day, I need to keep the writing process fresh or I’ll get bored.
And, if nothing else, charles stross has spoken highly of scrivener, so if what I write next isn’t at least as good as ‘the jennifer morgue’, he’ll be hearing from my solicitor!
So I have dossiers for my main male and female characters. Next up, I’ll work up dossiers for the places I’m going to use, while I weave sub-plots through the whole sorry mess.
Someone contacted me yesterday to point out that it isn’t possible to write about organised racism in scotland without bringing sectarianism into it. Which is true. So obvious, I canny see how I missed it.
So yeah, a sectarian sub-plot.
I’ve pretty much figured out the beginning and the end, all I have to do now is sort out that sagging bit in the middle. Story of my life, innit?

now, why not read the novel that started it all? 1919 (inside)

Guaranteed – absolutely NO traces of horse DNA anywhere in this novel. And that’s the truth – or my name’s not David Cameron.


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