lights out – ufo

That’s me finished work and in the gym on the machineries of suffering. Today’s endorphine-frenzy is brought to you by the number *rocket from the crypt* and the colour *scream dracula, scream*. I’m writing this on the cycle. Normally, I’d be on twatter and faceboak, rubbing my sarcasm in people’s eyes like nanook with two […]

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spider – they might be giants

I have enough of the basic idea of the plot of ‘Coal Face’ now. Now that I’m starting to pull the central thread out of my arse like a large spider, it’s time to weave in the sub-plots – racism, sectarianism and sexual tension. This will probably turn out to be the great scottish novel […]

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mamma mia – abba

Continuing on from yesterday, isn’t it about time the Neurovision ‘song’ Contest was replaced by a war crimes tribunal? First on the block: those two bitches from abba for their heinous crimes against gentlemanity. Next up, the other two bastards – for gender treason. After that, once public opinion is on our side, we can […]

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new church – the adverts

This is the third novel I’ve written in the form of a blog. With ‘1919’, I had no idea what I was doing, just wrote a bit every day and tried to keep the story moving – while looking at the issues in my life at that point. When it came time to write ‘dreich […]

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coogit bairns – sandie craigie

It’s amazing how birthdays bring out the bitter ‘n’ twisted in us all. I didn’t even realise how pissed off I still am about this. Today would have been Sandie’s fiftieth birthday, had she lived. When you don’t see someone for a while before they die (and the funeral’s an invite-only affair exes aren’t invited […]

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circles – moon duo

I only got my hands on this LP last week and it really has blown me right out of the water. I liked them from the first time I heard them, on Tom Ravenscroft’s show on radio six. (It was ‘Stumbling 42nd street, from the ‘Escape’ EP, anal retentives). It’s a wonderful xx minutes, putting […]

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