lights out – ufo

That’s me finished work and in the gym on the machineries of suffering. Today’s endorphine-frenzy is brought to you by the number *rocket from the crypt* and the colour *scream dracula, scream*. I’m writing this on the cycle. Normally, I’d be on twatter and faceboak, rubbing my sarcasm in people’s eyes like nanook with two […]

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spider – they might be giants

I have enough of the basic idea of the plot of ‘Coal Face’ now. Now that I’m starting to pull the central thread out of my arse like a large spider, it’s time to weave in the sub-plots – racism, sectarianism and sexual tension. This will probably turn out to be the great scottish novel […]

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upward at forty-five degrees – julian cope

Summertime’s definitely here. Blazing sunshine, short tempers and a weed-drought. Soon, we’ll have traditional british rioting and looting and a prime minister who fucks off abroad in case the lynch mobs get too close. And, while everyone else in all of christendom is raving about Daft Punk’s piece of shit new album (yeah, I know. […]

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you’ve never been so far before – killdozer

Coal Face will go live on Monday, July 1st. It’s another dreich NOiR novel, again set in unscotland – and hopefully going a bit further than what’s been written before. And yeah, as usual, loads of music and movie references for readers to mull over like fall b-sides! Ozzy McLeod is made of skin and […]

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mamma mia – abba

Continuing on from yesterday, isn’t it about time the Neurovision ‘song’ Contest was replaced by a war crimes tribunal? First on the block: those two bitches from abba for their heinous crimes against gentlemanity. Next up, the other two bastards – for gender treason. After that, once public opinion is on our side, we can […]

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you don’t have to say please – whitehouse

I took last weekend off for a spot of rnr. Two whole days out of coalFace, back to thinking with my own skull for a change. And during that time, I was exposed to the sheer unbridled horror that is ‘mamma mia’, one of the worst, most concentrated outpourings of evil I have ever undergone. […]

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new church – the adverts

This is the third novel I’ve written in the form of a blog. With ‘1919’, I had no idea what I was doing, just wrote a bit every day and tried to keep the story moving – while looking at the issues in my life at that point. When it came time to write ‘dreich […]

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in the beginning there was rhythm – the slits

I’ve started writing it – at last! All this planning, the drawings and the dossiers. The trying-to-remember places I’ve lived, worked and drank. Suddenly, it feels worthwhile, that I’m not just making lists and headwanking. I’ve set up a new blog alongside the old dreich NOiR one. Set up alerts to facebook and twitter each […]

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coogit bairns – sandie craigie

It’s amazing how birthdays bring out the bitter ‘n’ twisted in us all. I didn’t even realise how pissed off I still am about this. Today would have been Sandie’s fiftieth birthday, had she lived. When you don’t see someone for a while before they die (and the funeral’s an invite-only affair exes aren’t invited […]

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circles – moon duo

I only got my hands on this LP last week and it really has blown me right out of the water. I liked them from the first time I heard them, on Tom Ravenscroft’s show on radio six. (It was ‘Stumbling 42nd street, from the ‘Escape’ EP, anal retentives). It’s a wonderful xx minutes, putting […]

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