tell me a story – iggy pop

I’ve been working my way through bob mayer’s book, ‘writing fiction’ and it’s sparking off ideas, new ways of looking at the process of storytelling. For me, if I had to write the same book over and over, the magic would soon pale. So every time I write something, I try to do something different […]

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crazy – mud

I did a bit more work on ‘transgressionata’ this afternoon. Created a dossier for my mmc and laid out a dossier template for all the places in the story. I’ve also created a prologue – just a way into the story and the reader’s first introduction to the mmc (who still doesn’t have a name!) […]

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all white jack – punishment of luxury

Over the last few days, I’ve started laying out ideas for the next dreich NOiR story. Set in the same un-scotland as what I’ve written already, but I want to look at different issues this time. The UKIP/Full English defense league have *really* started to piss me off since Lee Rigby was beheaded last week. […]

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time we left this world today – hawkwind

I seem to be pishing ideas at the moment, haemorraging bookseeds like a knifed and shrieking sow. A conversation with #2 son yesterday that began with us agreeing that space aliens will never show up on our planet with their hyper-evolved technology soon moved into an un-twentieth century where scientific advances had shot ahead of […]

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hip priest – the fall

It’s been a week-and-a-half since I finished ‘person-hair’. Spent the time catching up at work, chilling and, most importantly, catching up on my reading. I also notice I’ve neglected my journal for the last month or so. Double-plus ungood. So I’ve kick-started that again these last couple of days. I need to write every day, […]

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