throne of agony – scraping foetus off the wheel

I’m finished. Well, apart from one more dossier (for someone who’s only in two scenes) and the last two scene-by-scene breakdowns. There’s one more day left before I commit NaNoCamp. The other day, I ran up a template for breaking each scene down into each of the five senses (and ‘other’) – hopefully, when it […]

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black eye – fluffy

On train. First of about four I’ll be on today. Allergies giving me gyp – eyes watering, unable to breathe deeply enough, it feels like. I revised another section of ‘person-hair’ yesterday, threading in a few new scenes and working out where the dialogue should go. I’d get bored if I had to write the […]

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lemmings – van der graaf generator

I’ve started fleshing out the chapters, added a chase and a maid’s outfit (although not in the same scene) and I’ve also created dossiers on my mmc and his adversary. If I can keep to two chapters – and two dossiers – per day I can get this nailed down next week. Of course, real […]

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in the beginning, there was rhythm – the slits

I wrote a rough treatment of ‘person-hair’ over the last couple of days. Just a couple of thousand words, basic plotting and a few scenes, but enough to base a fuller version on. I’ve been chopping away at it all week, adding characters, smoothing them into each other. There’s a perverse and masochistic pleasure – […]

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violence – mott the hoople

I have an ambivalent, ‘to me – to you’ relationship with violence. Like the chuckle brothers, smoking crack and trying to gnaw each other’s faces off. Those of you who regularly touch yourselves in an inappropriate manner while reading this after lights out will recall that I’m pretty much the product of violence. To recap: […]

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jewel – t.rex

A whistle-stop visit to glasgow today – and a visit to a record shop. A record shop it cost me twenty bucks to get back out of again! I picked up Beck’s ‘Odelay’ (been meaning to for years) and Von Sudenfed’s ‘Tromatic reflexxions’ – any album featuring Mark E Smith that I don’t have counts […]

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all through the city – wilko johnson

I don’t usually write about individual gigs on this blog, but it’s been quite an emotional experience, saying goodbye to old Walter. Wilko’s been there as far back as I can remember. Let’s face it, the feelgoods were, at best, okay-ish after Wilko jumped-or-was-pushed following ‘stupidity’. And tonight – 2013 – Wilko doesn’t look any […]

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eat us, mother! – black sun productions with val denham

I saw this on cold spring’s site and liked the sound of it, so I bought it unheard. I’ve liked Val Denham’s art ever since Throbbing Gristle’s ‘Funeral in Berlin’ back in the early eighties. “my bra and knickers were red like sin” With a name like ‘Black sun productions’, it’s no great surprise that […]

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the idea – adam & the ants

I’m really surging forward with dreich NOiR just now. The ideas are coming thick and fast and shooting off into areas I hadn’t even considered. This is what I love about writing. That dropping into a trancelike state and transcribing the in-skull movies I find there. I’m not sure what went wrNog with dreich NOiR […]

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