something changed – pulp

Going back to what I was saying about Dreich NOiR the other day, when I started writing it in late 2011, I used my PDA. This continued until somewhere in the late spring of 2012, when I began using my netbook, sitting at a small table, in a chair. Since last month, I’ve been writing […]

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digital – joy division

I watched ‘Control’ again the other night. It must be the fifth, sixth time i’ve seen it. First time I’ve noticed that Bowie ‘n’ Reed licenced their music for the film – but that Iggy didn’t. I heard that Bowie refused to allow any of his music to appear in ‘Velvet goldmine’ – which to […]

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pure morning – placebo

I mentioned last week my lifelong interest in BDSM. A Domme friend said to me, a few years ago now, that “most people go through the pupal stage and emerge as perverts once their kids have grown up. You had all the angst and self-questioning before you were even sexually active.” Which, to be frank, […]

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engine of excess

I’m sure getting my mojo back with regard to Dreich NOiR. Mibby that’s all it needed – me to reboot it; stir in some new craziness, turn the dada up to eleven. And best of all, I’m really enjoying the process of writing it. The fact hangs there like the rotting corpse of a schoolfriend. […]

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dearly beloved – the pretty things

I’m having a pretty things binge just now, gorging myself on everything I have by them, from the mid-60s’ r&b, their late 60s’/early 70s’ psychedelia, through their 70s’ ‘swan song’ period, right up to ‘Balboa Island’. Apparently, if one takes the sleeve notes as gospel, the band went through a massive, shuddering convulsion on the […]

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porno base – 23 skiddoo

I began writing ‘dreich noir’ again. No great reason, just with the chaos ‘n’ carnage finally receding, I feel like I need a hobby. And what better activity could I find than writing bizarro porn? Having had a wee break from it, there have been a few changes in focus. I’m feeling pretty groovy about […]

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laughing song – the residents

The other night, I ran into the first person to spot the humour inherent in dreich NOiR. A couple of people (both of whom were old enough to know better) have commented on how it made their respective sponge moist, but it’s taken well over a year for anyone to actually say out loud (for […]

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alone again or – love

When I was five, my family moved from South Wales to Edinburgh, Scotland. From a small Welsh town in a valley to Scotland’s cultural and financial capital. From ‘Gavin & Stacey’ to ‘Trainspoting’, except in the mid-sixties. I didn’t notice, but that was the beginning of my feeling alien, out-of-place, a fish out of water. […]

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