I’m still trying to master the art ‘n’ science of revision. To be honest, trying to balance working with writing isn’t leaving a whole lot of time for eating, sleeping and so on – all the things that separate us from the dead, really.
As an experiment, I’m going to drop this blog to maybe twice a week. So there’ll be less posts, but what there is will be a lot more focused (it says here).
Come next month, Dreich NOiR will revert to the more normal once-or-twice per week, too (but everybody could see that coming, couldn’t they?) He gets out of hospital at the end of this month, he’s starting to make inroads to the clothfolks’ scene in southern edinburgh… And if you live in southern edinburgh (yeah, YOU!) a grand in used, non-consecutive fives and tens in a farmfoods bag in the gents of the marmion keeps you out of the story. Inflation-resistant, aye?
But yeah, revision. I’m trying to set aside time to study (and practice) and my time management skills weren’t magically transformed into something other than a moth on crack by the insertion of office furniture last week.
So it’s time to bite the bullet, shit or get off the pot. Time actually IS a limited resource and I need to adapt mine by squashing it under a piece of wood.
Or die in the attempt.