Those of you following Dreich NOiR will already be aware of this, but the other day, I put in this year’s first sex scene.
Last year, the blog was pretty much all about the porking, this year’s been taken up with recuperation – and little else.
Interestingly, I’ve had quite a bit of feedback since I posted that. A pile of likes and a few more people following the blog.
Me, I still feel the same as I did the other week. From my own point-of-view, Dreich NOiR’s science fiction. There’s a few points of reference, but by and large, I’m describing a world as weird as anything china mieville could dream up.
Which is the real magic of fantasy, isn’t it? Building a world, fantastical and far-removed from the everyday. Peopling it with strange characters and even stranger creatures. Laws of physics that wouldn’t work on our own world.