Having a proper and ergonomic working environment certainly makes all the difference! As of the other night, I have a comfortable chair and a beautiful desk. As well as my monitor at a more appropriate height to watch in bed. Still haven’t found a home for my new filing cabinet yet.
I’ve finished revising the ‘January’ section of ‘1919 (outside)’ and it’s coming together.
I’m aware that I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words since ‘1919’ was written. And, despite my best efforts, my work has improved.
So, it’s weird, polishing something written so far back. I keep finding whole sections I’d like to rip out and start again. However, I don’t want to be re-polishing this for publication in another five years when humanity’s biggest problem will be mining uranium with our bare hands and pleasing our garbage-eating overlords.
No, the errors can stay in. As a reminder of how far I’ve come and a thorn-in-the-side, a spur to improve still further.

Why not use your face to read the novel that started it all? 1919 (inside)


If Scottish literature can be thought of as an elderly, overweight gentleman with savage diarrhea, 1919 (inside) is the land-mine he just stepped on.
Do it – do it NOW – for the children, eh? think of the children.