I’ve been thinking a lot about how I write these last couple of days. I remember Sandie Craigie telling me, years ago now, that the writing came out differently through using different coloured paper, lined/unlined, different sized lines, graph paper and so on.
Me being me, I had to try this, to see whether it held water.
It did.
The writing also arrived in different voices when one switches from longhand to a pc, desk and chair, to a laptop, balanced on the knee in bed, to me thumbing this in on my blackberry. Those of you following Dreich NOiR will have spotted the old guy, thumbing jiggery-bloggery into his smartphone. That’s me, that is.
I’ve kind of decided where the plot’s going over the next couple of months, which will involve me writing on different equipment, in vastly different positions.
Still, coming out of a coma, being transcribed on a blackberry on public transport – and doesn’t 2013’s Dreich NOiR read differently to 2012’s?

Why not use your face to read the novel that started it all? 1919 (inside)


If Scottish literature can be thought of as an elderly, overweight gentleman with savage diarrhea, 1919 (inside) is the land-mine he just stepped on.
Do it – do it NOW – for Diana.