I’m sure getting my mojo back with regard to Dreich NOiR. Mibby that’s all it needed – me to reboot it; stir in some new craziness, turn the dada up to eleven.
And best of all, I’m really enjoying the process of writing it.
The fact hangs there like the rotting corpse of a schoolfriend. I have no idea where the story’s going! I’m folding in characters from the first year or so of it – it’s a lot like baking bread. I’ve brought the ingredients together, now I’m pummelling the jesus out of it.
The other odd thing about this current crop of writing is, I’m writing it all on my bleakberry; on buses or in bed.
This all comes down to the lack of what virginia woolf almost called ‘a desk of one’s own’.
However, in the same way writing on different sorts of paper allows us to write in different voices, the process of writing on this wee bleakberry is altering the voice of Dreich NOiR’s main character (while he’s in hospital).