laughing song – the residents

The other night, I ran into the first person to spot the humour inherent in dreich NOiR.
A couple of people (both of whom were old enough to know better) have commented on how it made their respective sponge moist, but it’s taken well over a year for anyone to actually say out loud (for me to hear), this shit’s jocular.
I mean, a sex blog, written from the point-of-view of a male, wildly promistcuous, who’s impotent with females of his own species – how’s that not funny?
It’s like comedy group whitehouse, isn’t it? Or or comedy group rammstein. Taking an original idea and forcing the point home til it hurts. And, say what you like about comedy group whitehouse, theirs was an all-encompassing imaginary world, wasn’t it?
Like throwing muses or REM, only easier to like.


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