job – swans

I notice I’m hardly reading just now. And it’s irritating me. Time just seems to be escaping through my fingers like Nadine Dorries trying to catch piss and hold onto her job at the same time. Alvin Toffler said in ‘Future shock’ that our perception of time speeds up as we get older, but this […]

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dirty work – steely dan

It’s funny. None of their other LPs grab me. The sound’s cloying, like piers morgan holding your head under loads of little balls of saccharine, getting in your nose and ears and eyes and throat and lungs. This album, though. Even better than being murdered by piers morgan – and I’m not sure how many […]

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warm – family fodder

And another bloody cold! I only put the last one to bed a matter of weeks ago and everyone at work’s sniffling again – me included. I suppose, as I get older, my body’s going to fail more and more until I achieve room-temperature. And it’s bearing up pretty well thus far. The asthma which […]

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wildworld – the birthday party

Those of you following Dreich NOiR will already be aware of this, but the other day, I put in this year’s first sex scene. Last year, the blog was pretty much all about the porking, this year’s been taken up with recuperation – and little else. Interestingly, I’ve had quite a bit of feedback since […]

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the worker – fischer z

Having a proper and ergonomic working environment certainly makes all the difference! As of the other night, I have a comfortable chair and a beautiful desk. As well as my monitor at a more appropriate height to watch in bed. Still haven’t found a home for my new filing cabinet yet. I’ve finished revising the […]

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I write the b-sides – eels

I’ve just received the text from #2 son, informing me that my desk, chair and filing cabinet were delivered. I’m trying not to ‘freak the straights’ (baby), by lapsing into a brief-yet-spirited happy-dance, but it’s hard not giving in to the urge. So tonight’s primary task will be rebooting my bedroom from a fornicatorium fallen […]

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heroin – the velvet underground

I got a spanking recently. That’s good in itself – the subspace wrapping itself around me like a cotton-wool cloud. A bit less welcome though, was the sub-drop I experienced maybe thirty, thirty-six hours later. Now this might sound like judeo-christian bullshit (it does to me, for a start!) I don’t believe that ‘all pleasure […]

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sun arise – rolf harris

I first heard Novatron’s ‘new rising sun’ in my flat in lochend, which puts it squarely between 1994 and 2006. My mate 2ea3 brought it up. I’d never heard of them – and he was a lot more impressed with the copy of Psychic TV’s ‘those who do not’ that’d arrived with it. PTV have […]

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