sicktone – coil

The reason I’ve not been posting on here of late. After the frenzied consumerdammerung of pricemas, I’ve had a bit of a family crisis which took up my attention for a while and then, just when I thought it was safe to go back in the toaster, I get hit by the superflu from stephen […]

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Living in the past – Jethro Tull

I’ve finally started on the final revision of ‘1919 (outside)’. It’s coming well – but then, most of my work’s done already. I spent the first half of 2008 writing this, editing it and polishing it to a high shine. Now, going back to it, there’s very little needs changed. I’ve replaced all references to […]

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out of control – kim fowley

#FollowFriday on twitter (or #FF). I don’t manage it every week, but when I do, I usually push the boat out and make of it something strange and beautiful. Yesterday afternoon, I based it on ‘the hunger games’ – and found two dozen people who hadn’t had the sense not to talk to me in […]

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jackie cane – hooverphonic

I’ve started taking notes for whatever I’m going to write next. I’ve sussed out three Central characters, the basic relationships linking them and a few attributes for each. There’s the bare bones of a plot, some character development and one or two of those curious wee details that appear, sudden as mushrooms, when the plan […]

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father christmas – the kinks

Finally – it’s starting to be over. The annual yule-chaos is coming to an end. The period where we’re all supposed to cheer as first prices then the suicide rate shoots through the roof. Paid public holidays that clash with next-to-no public transport. Enforced gaiety. Mind-numbing television. Children’s cinema. Public drunkenness. Still that’s it all […]

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