erotic neurotic – the saints

I’ve written quite a bit of erotica this week, mostly to try to see what kind of voice comes over in it.
It’s been a challenge, but I wanted to see if I could write in this style.
After the chaos ‘n’ carnage of the last month, a bit of nice simple filth was a walk in the park.
There’s also the challenge of writing about sexual matters when one’s own sexuality is (so I’m told) complex.
When I started writing Dreich NOiR, it was an exercise in trying to write about vanilla sex as if it was a good thing. Which was quite a challenge for me!
I think it worked, though. The central character’s enthusiasm for shoving his penis inside women is one of his biggest motivations and the writing reflected that.
Funnily enough, Dreich NOiR was begun in the closing overs of a relationship that had deteriorated to the point of no physical, emotional – or even cultural – contact.
So, the whole time I was writing it, I was completely alone and profoundly un-sexual.
Sitting writing those endless fucking-scenes was like breaking into a brand new genre of science-fiction…
Imagine a world where happiness was measured by the throughput of naked people in your life! Or a world where there was only one way to communicate – and it invariably involved banging one’s genetalia against someone else’s!
This is the headspace I inhabited in 2012. The idea of performing any of the sexual acts in Dreich NOiR would have been comedic – beyond surreal – sex had become something that only ever happened to rich people and americans.


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