rtx – heavy gator

I finally bit the bullet and signed into the 1919 groups on facebook and fetlife to explain that ‘1919 (outside)’ would be delayed. It feels like taking a step backwards, but with this illness, there’s no way I have the concentration to revise the manuscript before the end of the month. I need to put my precarious health first or I’ll never get the thing finished.
RTX emerged from the ashes of royal trux. After Neil Hegarty jumped ship, Jennifer Herrema recruited some (apparently younger) guys and made the ‘transmaniacon’ lp. While hegarty’s gone on to make some very un-royal trux-like albums, his erstwhile eve’s taken it back to basics.
While rock stars mining the same rut over and over isn’t always a good thing, Herrema’s raking over the ashes of her old band to make this – a glam-rock tribute to early blue oyster cult is perfect.
This really is an album to beg, steal or download. All the nihilism I loved in royal trux’s work and Herrema’s filthy voice is as good on this as any of the highpoints of ‘thank you’ or even ‘accelerator’.


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