Read it in books – echo and the bunnymen

I’m sneezing a lot today. On top of all the coughing – and what I’ve got coming up is the colour of aventurine just now. Form an orderly queue, ladies.
I got away from work this morning and crawled home. Four inches of snow means the buses have to stick to the main roads.
I’m still dipping into my record collection in pretty much random order. Today, it’s been amon duul ll – ‘yeti’ and ‘tanz der lemmings’, among others – for instance I’m typing this up to the velvet underground’s third LP.
The biggest news today, however, has to be my managing to read for the first time in over a week. I got back into jo nesbo’s ‘the leopard’.
I’ve really missed reading since I got ill. Hopefully, if that’s me recovering a bit more, I can start revising soon, too.
I still have ‘1919 (outside)’ hanging over my head like the bucket of pigs’ blood in ‘carrie’. There’s no way it’ll be ready for february 1st, maybe march 1st, though.


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