Living in the past – Jethro Tull

I’ve finally started on the final revision of ‘1919 (outside)’. It’s coming well – but then, most of my work’s done already.
I spent the first half of 2008 writing this, editing it and polishing it to a high shine. Now, going back to it, there’s very little needs changed. I’ve replaced all references to informed consent with fetlife – by the time the book’s in your hands, ic will be merely something spoken of in whispers by the elderly after they’ve had a few. I’ve also taken out all the avant capitalisation. This was all the rage, back in the day – but I’m not sure anyone still buys into it nowadays. A quaint old tradition now crumbling into disuse like cigarette coupons and the aristocracy.
I’m still footling with the invasion story, too. As if part of my mind’s ring-fenced off to contain it and nothing else. I’m letting it take its time, grow as it will and I know I’ll be there to feed and water it when it needs it.


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