jackie cane – hooverphonic

I’ve started taking notes for whatever I’m going to write next. I’ve sussed out three Central characters, the basic relationships linking them and a few attributes for each.
There’s the bare bones of a plot, some character development and one or two of those curious wee details that appear, sudden as mushrooms, when the plan starts to come together.
There’s no mad rush to finish it immediately. The first NaNoCamp of 2013 isn’t until April, so I can take my time, draw out the sheer pleasure of smoothing out plot-wrinkles before the full-on locomotive craziness arrives.
The only (marginally) dissatisfying facet in all this is that I’m building all this out of one idea (so far!) Everything fits together, linked by logic. What I need next is some 100% proof avant-unusualness. Exploding flowers, a talking dog, cat or ostrich, a nuclear scientist who’s water-soluble. You know the drill…
I think I’ll lay this to one side for a day or two. Allow it to rot for a while, see what grows in it.

Enjoying this?
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Doing for reality appreciation what jim davidson does for women’s rights.


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