father christmas – the kinks

Finally – it’s starting to be over. The annual yule-chaos is coming to an end. The period where we’re all supposed to cheer as first prices then the suicide rate shoots through the roof. Paid public holidays that clash with next-to-no public transport. Enforced gaiety. Mind-numbing television. Children’s cinema. Public drunkenness.

Still that’s it all over now, along with the mayans’ misplaced – and no doubt misunderstood – prediction.

So, a new year. Resolutions and predictions. Deciding to do something less this year, while focusing more closely on something else.

This year will contain at least three great films and at least one great band, none of which I’m aware of at this point.

And this year’s big-learning-curve? I’m already engaged in teaching myself prose revision, having mastered the writing of novels.

Eighteen months ago, give or take, I did NaNoCamp for the first time. In November there, I wrote my sixth using that system. I love the rollercoaster feeling of wrenching a first draft out of myself over a month, of the plot ‘n’ characters shooting out of my control, me hanging onto their coat-tails and transcribing as I’m dragged in their wake.

Better than sex, I tell you!


Enjoying this?

Why not check out my novel, ‘1919 (inside)’ available from smashwords?


Doing for festive cheer what operation yewtree does for light-hearted 1970s tv-clip compilations.


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