don’t do what you’re told, do what you think – throbbing gristle

I first heard throbbing gristle’s ‘united’ in january of 1981 on cherry red’s ‘business unusual’ compilation. Paddy used to share a bedsit with Wattie Buchan, but had moved out to East Craigs to live with four other semi-disturbed young people. East Craigs was – and may well still be – a desolate, tarkovskian wasteland with […]

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rtx – heavy gator

I finally bit the bullet and signed into the 1919 groups on facebook and fetlife to explain that ‘1919 (outside)’ would be delayed. It feels like taking a step backwards, but with this illness, there’s no way I have the concentration to revise the manuscript before the end of the month. I need to put […]

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i crawled – swans

Feeling rough as arseholes again today. I got up early and crawled through the snow to dunfermline for the record fair. With the recent redesignation of all HMV and fopp staff as ‘fucking scroungers’, record fairs are the only way I (or anyone else) can still experience the magic of trawling through boxes of disks, […]

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granddad – clive dunn

(Continued) so, now that I’m finally starting to recover, I look around, survey the damage. Not being able to write – not even my daily journal – left me feeling pretty down. It’s miserable, being unable to communicate. Like a sabre-toothed motor neurone disease, a working mind trapped in a rotting, ancient body with nothing […]

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