kino – cabaret voltaire

Another bright, early start. Another dreich NOiR, drafted. And another one laid out in note form. It feels a little easier than yesterday. It was easier to get into that trance-like state where I’m merely transcribing the in-skull movie as it unfolds behind my eyes.

I’m still enjoying the experience of wrestling words into place, Of wrenching and squeezing these unruly ideas into sentences and paragraphs.

I watched a bunch of movies over the last couple of days. ‘A snake of June’ (for the umpteemth time!) ‘Notes on a scandal’. (First time.) I enjoyed the way the characterisation took so long to coalesce, being made to wonder who each part was for the first hour of the film.

‘Gozu’ was up next, Maybe ten years since I last saw it. And it’s still ‘From dusk to dawn’ meets ‘Eraserhead’, in my opinion. Finally, the night was topped off by ‘The godfather’. Must be a good twelve months since I last saw that.

Still trying to enjoy this?

Why not check out my novel, “1919 (inside)” available from smashwords?

Doing for christmastime what david cameron does for bare-knuckle boxing.


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