My mind ain’t so open – magazine

After a while, all this r’n’r starts to get to me. I finished ‘the idiots graveyard’ almost a month ago and the time since has been swallowed up by getting bunnied, going on holiday and wondering what my next move was going to be.
I finished Holly Lisle’s ‘mugging the muse’ last night. Thoroughly inspiring – like that friend with the irritating voice who’s right more often than not.
So my mind’s started ticking alarmingly again. An idea I had, back in the late nineteen-nineties (Christ, how many novels have I started, only to run out of steam after most of a first draft, the pages suffocating through a lack of cohesion?)
I think I mentioned that I loved ‘the hunger games’. Since Ms Collins gazumped me with her time travel smart-arsery, I’ve sectioned off an area of my mind, which has been turning over the similarities and differences between her ‘hunger games’ and my own ‘light entertainment’.
When I started putting it together this morning, a couple of fragments of Tim Burton’s ‘mars attacks!’ got in there somehow, too.
So. Day one of the planning of whatever I end up hurling myself into for April’s NaNoCamp.

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