Re-ignition – Bad brains

Ideas are exploding out at me from the most unexpected corners. I’m already considering things I could use in April’s novel (the Mayan advent calendar permitting).
I’ve got the basic (structural) idea. The basic relation between the mmc and mfc. Now I just need to let it settle. Figure out a setting and a gradually stir in a wee spot of characterisation.
I finished PD James’ book on the history of the detective novel, which I’d recommend highly. Also Palahniuk’s ‘damned’. First thing I’ve read in a while that I’m actually jealous of.
That’s usually a positive with me. When i spot something brilliant that I didn’t write, I’ll turn it over and over in my skull until I arrive at my own brilliant idea.
I also read ‘he died with his eyes open’ by Derek Raymond, yesterday. I read something about his work last week (on twitter, I think) and dug out the above novel, the first of his ‘factory’ series.
While not as “fuck me” out loud as the Palahniuk, Raymond’s prose has something genuinely uncomfortable about it and the plotting is relentless. One of those novels (like many of Palahniuk’s, or Mieville’s, or Mellick’s) I could see myself re-reading at some point.


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