Rollercoaster – the jesus and mary chain.

Well, I finished the idiots’ graveyard around 19:30 on friday 30th. Then, when I went to validate my word count, I remembered that NaNoWriMo counts words differently to star office.
Personally, I believe that NaNo, like McRosoft’s word, counts hyphenated words as one word, while star office counts ’em as multiples (sigh) my 50,050 words looked a lot more like 49,116 to hear NaNo tell it.
I flopped onto the couch, breathed deeply and refused to panic. It’s only a thousand words. Piece of piss. Standing on my head. Or even with someone else standing on my head.
So I gave myself ten minutes, then carried on dredging up fragments from my back-brain, wrapping them in characters from the last month and improvising.
Some of these will end up in the finished product, some won’t. But hey, it’s a fuckin’ rollercoaster – same as every other time.
I eventually got finished around 20:40. Less than three-and-a-half hours before the deadline. My fifth NaNo – and the latest I’ve ever finished it.
So, what have I been doing in the interim? I’ve watched a shedload of episodes of homeland and I’ve drunk an unfeasible quantity of black velvet. Isn’t homelands series two a bit odd, though? Jessica who completely failed to swear throughout series one, spits out a couple of fucks in episode one of this series. And the skronky jazz is still there, every time carrie gets the camera to herself.
I’ve also been reading “is america stupid” by streve freeman and chuck palahniuk’s “damned” (which I still regret not having thought of first!)


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