kino – cabaret voltaire

Another bright, early start. Another dreich NOiR, drafted. And another one laid out in note form. It feels a little easier than yesterday. It was easier to get into that trance-like state where I’m merely transcribing the in-skull movie as it unfolds behind my eyes. I’m still enjoying the experience of wrestling words into place, […]

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defecting grey – the pretty things

A decent night’s sleep, after a day spent slumped in front of sitcoms and old Tarrentino movies. Up around nine and I battered straight into dreich noir, which I’ve left untouched since november’s nano. Because dreich noir started out as an exercise in writing a narrator as unlike me as possible, getting started can feel […]

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Finding my way – rush

As part of my 2013 project to master the art ‘n’ science of revision, I’m working my way through Holly Lisle’s ‘mugging the muse’. It’s that rarest of things, the easy-to-absorb book that brings with it a full payload of information. I’ve also finished Jo Nesbo’s ‘the snowman’ so far today. The plan (for now) […]

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Holiday song – the pixies

Around two-and-a-half years back, I visited paris. Last week was the first time I’ve visited liverpool since I left there in 2009. I imagined it’d be strange, staying at the home of someone who turned up in august’s ‘dystopian’ novel as an ill-tempered and racist scousewife (although only the ‘scouse’ bit has any real basis […]

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Re-ignition – Bad brains

Ideas are exploding out at me from the most unexpected corners. I’m already considering things I could use in April’s novel (the Mayan advent calendar permitting). I’ve got the basic (structural) idea. The basic relation between the mmc and mfc. Now I just need to let it settle. Figure out a setting and a gradually […]

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Isolation – therapy?

Writing in my journal this morning, I realised that I’ve been shutting myself away from my fellow man for a while now. The fact is, I hadn’t noticed until a day or two back. I’m not noticing a lot of feelings of boredom – or isolation – I’m working (back in the people business), I […]

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down down – status quo

It’s always weird, getting to the end of another novel. There’s always that wee dip when it’s finally over. Okay, it’s only a first draft, but for the last month, I’ve been living and breathing that parallel universe where all the monsters, bastards and giants I’ve ever worked beside all frolicked and gambolled together in […]

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