The distance – cake

That’s me cracked forty thousand words. I wrung out five thousand yesterday, which brought my total up to thirty-eight-and-a-half thousand and this morning, I’ve done two-and-a-half thousand.
I’m closing in on the magic fifty-k. After I finished last night, I chilaxed, watched russ meyer’s ‘vixen’ (for the editing, obviously) before discovering ‘homeland’, which number two son has been raving about for a while. He’s not wrong.
The plot’s really well-orchestrated, the characters well rounded and engaging – by the end of episode one, I wanted to know what was in store for each and every one of them.
Also, during my four, five hour movie marathon, I took a few notes; cut-ins for the idiots’ graveyard.
At the moment I’m two thirds of the way through chapter two, so that’s roughly a chapter-and-a-bit to wring ten thousand words out of. So I’m writing episodes that hopefully I can weave into the whole somewhere once I get to the revision stage.


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